~Bribing Saint Anthony~
An entertaining and humorous mystery.

Mary Catherine, MC for short, didn't move as the Queen of Boca Vista, Babbs La-Fleur, placed a pile of cash, which appeared out of a purse she knew cost more than her car, smack dab in the middle of her desk. Word at all the cocktail parties was that MC had a skill that came in handy for an aging socialite going through a divorce. She was good at finding cash in hidden bank accounts. Cash to pay for a nip and tuck and a new identity: Cougar.

Hired that day by Queen Babbs to find her bad boy husband, Charlie, MC was back on familiar ground, tracking down bad guys through clues left in the DNA of their paper life. Asking her Aunt Sophia to read the family fortune telling cards might have helped. Instead, the paper trail Charlie left takes MC from a murder in the world of rich socialites to working with covert government agents deep in the world of counter terrorism.

23rd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards. Judge's Commentary:

BRIBING SAINT ANTHONY by Rita Moreau is an enjoyable book for those who love lots of interesting, quirky characters thrown together in an intriguing plot.
The production values of this book are good. The choice of green for the font is of course, great!
The note, "And oh, there's Izzy!" with the drawing of Izzy is cute.
As for the story itself, it moves along very well and is written in an appealing way. I liked descriptions such as, "They had an on-off relationship. She still had her dream of becoming a country star and Joe had his dream of Jennifer becoming his wife and raising little Joe bambinos."
Overall, a fun read!



0H N0!!~

Just the right amount of mystery and intrigue, humor and romance.

Mary Catherine Mahoney is back with Velma and her zany Greek aunts! Trouble rolls into MC's tax office in the form of Sister Hildegard and her secret society of nuns. Their arrival brings a direct order and an internal conflict for MC to find a long lost jewel that some say possesses a special power.

When the hunt for the jewel gets crowded, and some willing to kill for it, preparing tax returns and dealing with the IRS looks sweeter and sweeter as the time to find the jewel starts to run out. MC may have no choice but to let her guard down and enlist the help of bad boy Charlie.

Oh, then there's Izzy! OH NO!

Rita Moreau's PSY-CHICKS mystery series makes for a fast and entertaining read. The books are packed with just the right amount of mystery and intrigue, humor and romance. Pull up beach chair, umbrella and plenty of sunscreen relax and enjoy the ride. Cabana boy will be right there to take your drink order.




An audit from heaven. A murder from hell. A mess only a psychic can sort out!


Mary Catherine Mahoney, MC for short, has her work cut out for her. When a notorious bad boy turns up dead in Miami, the ex-wife turns to MC for help. It turns out the deceased left the ex-wife an envelope with instructions on what to do after his death. With the envelope empty, only MC's psychic genes can solve the case.

When Sister Hildegard and Sister Matilda come to town, they call on MC as well. They're being audited. Not by the IRS, but by the Vatican! The feisty nuns tell MC she needs to handle the audit so that a certain "something" stays a secret.

Throw in some zany Greek aunts, a treasure hunt in Key West, and an encounter with her ex, and you've got more than enough work for MC to handle. If she's up for the jobs at all...

Feisty Nuns is the third book in a series of cozy mysteries. If you like zany, relatable characters, upbeat cinematic stories, and edge-of-your-seat plot twists, then you'll love Rita Moreau's lively whodunnit.

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